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 Students can be a part of this statewide event to raise awareness for the athletes of Special Olympics New Jersey by running alongside local Law Enforcement officials as they carry the “Flame of Hope” through their town. All it takes to participate is a minimum donation of $20 per student. Additional funds will be accepted.
All proceeds support Special Olympics New Jersey athletes.

T-shirt orders are due by May 13th and orders can be emailed to
or ordered online using the button below.

How to Get Involved...

Step 1: 

Secure support from the school administration.

Step 2: 

Distribute Permission Slips to students. (available to download below)

Step 3: 

Collect Permission Slips and donations from all students and record donations and shirt sizes on Collection Envelope. Collection Envelopes are available with your Run Coordinator. Every student that donates a minimum of $20 is eligible to receive a t-shirt and participate. 

Step 4: 

Law Enforcement Torch Run police contact picks up Collection Envelopes with money and Permission slips and then distributes student t-shirts.

Publication Downloads

2024_LETR_Schools Program Flyer.jpg
2024_LETR_Student Permission Slip.jpg
2024_LETR_School Collection Envelope.jpg
2024_LETR_School Shirt.png
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